Day Supports

Our unique and dynamic model of community participation supports is one that is responsive to each individual’s goals and dreams; engaged with the community, in partnership, to provide fun and meaningful experiences while growing each individual’s potential and in turn promoting strong inclusive communities. Addus participants have a wide variety of dynamic and responsive supports to choose from…

Day Supports

Our Community Participation Day Supports offer a welcoming group setting for personal goal development. Click here to learn more.



The Addus@Work employment program connects participants with local businesses for supported employment opportunities. Click here to learn more.


V.I.S.A. (Vision, Independence, Success, Achievement)

V.I.S.A. uses one-to-one supports to further transition individuals towards independence and goal achievement. Click here to learn more.


I.S.P. (Individualized Supports Program)

I.S.P. is a one-to-one program focusing support on a specific goal such as employment, volunteering, or in fun ways such as taking transit, going to the gym or having lunch out in the neighbourhood. Click here to learn more.

Addus Social Club

The Addus Social Club participants help plan and execute a wide variety of activities, including arts and crafts, cooking, games, visiting local pubs and coffee houses, karaoke, and just hanging out with their peers. Click here to learn more.