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Create. Connect. Celebrate.

What We Pursue 

Adults with developmental disabilities making
unique and valued contributions to the community as artists.

What We Do

The Art studio facilitates a thoughtful and high quality art-based curriculum that prepares adults with developmental disabilities to contribute to the community through their art.

The environment fosters personal growth and self-confidence, providing opportunities to build relationships and learn life skills in a fun and social environment.

Exploring the world from an artist’s perspective, participants gain inspiration by visiting art galleries, museums and all that Toronto has to offer! They are supported to take advantage of Toronto’s broad art community by making connections and building social networks.

Artists have a voice through their artwork and have the opportunity to showcase their talents at galleries, events and online as paid artists.


We Explore Different Art Mediums

We Explore Art Mediums

Painting on canvas


Movie Making

Movie Making



and we don’t stop there!

Meet the Artists

Stay tuned

 We’re just getting started so stay tuned to meet a new artist every month!

Come Back! We feature a different artist every month!


How To Join

Become an artist

Learn new techniques in art, meet new people, develop new skills, visit galleries, and exhibit and sell your artwork.

Get Involved

There are many ways you can support our work, from making a donation or volunteering, to buying artwork or, getting your company to support our cause. Get in touch – we would love to hear from you and share some ideas!

To Join Contact:
Randy Montano, Program Manager
telephone: 416.544.8847 ext. 223

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Special Events/Exhibits